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‘Loving Kindness’ accurately describes the vibe you will find when you enter the Loving Kindness Yoga School in Carrboro. I highly recommend you try a class or series. Ti’s expertly guided instruction, spot-on adjustments, and yoga philosophy insights have helped me finally get that the path of yoga exists within all of us (including me) no matter how flexible your physical body.

Ti’s school has attracted a diverse, non-judgmental community. It is a super comfortable space to deepen (or begin) your practice, with a positive emphasis on growing awareness of the connection between body, spirit, and heart. A lot of smiling and laughter dwell here and it makes me feel right at home.

I leave each class with a greater sense of peace and well being. It doesn’t get better than that 🙂

Pat D

Wow, I have tried yoga at various studios and with various teachers, but this class with Ti has been the most beautiful experience of all. Ti’s teaching style facilitates a loving, open-hearted yoga experience. I highly recommend it.

Natalie K.